The Biggest Lie of the Anti-Police Movement

Throughout its video series exposing the anti-police movement, American Police Officers Alliance has emphasized the dishonesty that is at the core of the anti-police agenda.

There are now nine videos in the series, and this ninth video really scores a touchdown by tackling what is the biggest lie of Antifa, other anti-police groups, and their political and media allies.

As stated in this video,

“Perhaps the biggest lie promoted by Antifa and other anti-police extremists is their accusation that America’s police departments are institutions of white supremacy. On examination, the truth is actually quite different.”

Even the liberal New York Times, hardly a pro-police publication, concedes that over the last 15 years police departments have made great strides in deliberately improving relations with minor communities, and particularly in intentionally seeking to recruit minorities to law enforcement.

The video notes that in many cities (including New Orleans, Baltimore, San Antonio, San Diego, and Honolulu) the percentage of minority officers is the same as – or even greater than – the percentage of minority residents of those cities.

While Antifa and others promote the idea that police departments are “instruments of oppression”, the video’s narrator declares:

“The truth: Police departments are a source of protection and safety – and disproportionately beneficial to people who live in communities with high crime rates. When police are defunded and improperly restricted, crime goes up – and this affects minority communities the most. 

“Far from being instruments of oppression, police officers have a net positive impact on the Black community. But if it were up to Antifa and the anti-police movement, when it comes to crime the people in the Black community would just have to fend for themselves.”

Isn’t it both ironic and outrageous?

Those shouting “defund the police” and throwing around ugly accusations of racism are so hypocritical.

When it comes right down to it, the real life practical effect of their policies actually does great harm – particularly the Black community they falsely claim to be concerned about.

Such people, and such organizations, deserve to be exposed. And the politicians who promote and advocate against law enforcement deserve to be defeated in the November elections.

And that is the point of the American Police Officers Alliance’s advocacy as advanced through this video series. By spreading the truth widely, our aim is to impact policy debates, influence public opinion, defeat anti-police politicians in November, and advocate for crime prevention, public safety, and proper funding of law enforcement.

About The Video Series:

The videos in this series can be viewed at This video series deserves to go viral on social media. The videos are each about 2 or 3 minutes in length, so they are also ideal for presentations at meetings of community, political, civic, and neighborhood organizations.