The Tactics and Goals of the Anti-Police Movement

The fourth installment of the pro-police video series, “Exposing the Anti-Police Movement”, outlines in detail the tactics and goals of Antifa, the fringe extremist group that has nonetheless played a major role in the movement to “defund the police.”

Antifa uses total exaggeration and tons of dishonesty to inflame people’s emotions over controversial incidents involving police actions.

In particular, Antifa directs their messaging at naïve and idealistic young people. As the narrator of the video notes:

“They infiltrate and manipulate legitimate protest movements, taking advantage of naive and inexperienced young people who are susceptible to dishonest rhetoric about ‘social justice’ and ‘equity’. Too many deluded young people, exposed to wildly exaggerated accusations of racism and police brutality, have become activists in the anti-police movement.”

These young people are often directed into destructive actions such as riots and confrontations with police. Antifa’s tactics exacerbate exciting divisions, tensions, and polarization.

Certainly, there are legitimate issues to discuss regarding crime prevention, police reform, and law enforcement. But in order to come to a positive outcome, we need open dialogue and honest communication. That’s how controversial issues should be decided in a civilized republic.

But of course Antifa and its allies are not honest participants seeking a sincere and reasonable exchange of views. One of the strengths of this video series is that it clarifies how Antifa uses manipulation, disruption, and – above all – dishonesty in its vilification of our nation’s police.

About The Video Series:

The videos in this series can be viewed at This video series deserves to go viral on social media. The videos are each about 2 or 3 minutes in length, so they are also ideal for presentations at meetings of community, political, civic, and neighborhood organizations.