The Truth About Antifa

In a powerful series of videos produced by the American Police Officers Alliance, there is a close examination of the roots and aims of the anti-police movement, charting a course for effectively combatting and eventually defeating the anti-police movement.

The second video in the series, “The Truth About Antifa”, digs deep into the history of how Antifa arose as a movement, and how it has managed to play a very disproportionate role within the anti-police movement. The video notes that while the name “Antifa” supposedly signifies “anti-fascist”, the Antifa extremists actually more closely resemble the fascists they claim to oppose.

It’s vital to understand the truth about Antifa and the danger it poses to America.

“They infiltrate and manipulate legitimate protest movements, pushing the most extreme demands and seeking confrontations with law enforcement”, the video’s narrator points out.

This brief video is carefully researched and well documented. Sources such as ABC News and the Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post are cited to demonstrate Antifa’s propensity towards violence, and its roots in “groups of angry and privileged youth who congregated around radical protests in places like Oregon.”

Most Americans are justifiably alarmed – even outraged – by the rise in violent crime and lawlessness in the last few years. In our search for answers and solutions, the information in this video about the role and influence of Antifa is invaluable.

About The Video Series:

The videos in this series can be viewed at This video series deserves to go viral on social media. The videos are each about 2 or 3 minutes in length, so they are also ideal for presentations at meetings of community, political, civic, and neighborhood organizations.