The Truth About the Anti-Police Movement

There’s an excellent new resource that will prove to be an invaluable tool for those concerned with issues of crime prevention, law enforcement, support of our nation’s police officers, and opposition to the “defund the police” movement.  

A timely and informative video series is being released by the American Police Officers Alliance

The first video in the series, entitled “The Truth About the Anti-Police Movement”, notes that the anti-police movement, with its demand to “defund the police”, has many significant inroads. 

As the old adage goes, “know thy enemy”.  As in any serious conflict, it is crucial to understand one’s adversary, and this educational video series promises to provide valuable information. 

On the one hand, most Americans oppose the effort to “defund the police”.  In fact, only a small percentage agree with the efforts of extremist groups like Antifa.  Nevertheless, despite representing only a fringe element of society, Antifa and the anti-police movement are having a dangerous and disruptive impact on American society.

Many cities have slashed police budgets, restrained police from making arrests, and have sharply limited prosecution of serious crimes.  

How did we ever get to this point?  How has this even become possible? And what can be done about it?

As the narrator states: “From Antifa’s point of view, this is a great success. After all, crime, violence, and lawlessness weaken the fabric of society. And for the anti-police extremists like Antifa and its allies, breaking down society and weakening our nation is the ultimate goal.”

This initial video is just the opening salvo in what will be a series of videos to be released throughout the year.

About The Video Series:

The videos in this series can be viewed at This video series deserves to go viral on social media. The videos are each about 2 or 3 minutes in length, so they are also ideal for presentations at meetings of community, political, civic, and neighborhood organizations.